American MTV Reporter: Hey everyone, we have Travis here in, with their big new hit. Now I’ve got to say, I’ve heard your new big hit “Stumblebum” and I think you’re really cool.
Fran: Don’t you think everyone’s cool? Haven’t you had a pre-frontal lobotomy?
AMTVR: Ha Ha. The reason we think you are cool is that you are named after one of the great characters in American film – Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver.
Fran: No, actually we are named after Travis from Blakes’ Seven.
AMTVR: What’s Blakes’ Seven?
Fran: It was a British Science Fiction program noted for its particularily low budget and the fact that the titular hero was rarely in it.
AMTVR: Like Charlies Angels?
Fran: I think the Angels were the heroes of that really. Though strictly they were heroines.
AMTVR: So this Blake’s Six –
Fran: Seven.
AMTVR: Whatever. A bit like Star Trek?
Fran: More like Doctor Who, but with less of a special effects budget.
AMTVR: (Looks disbelievingly at her producer). So you are named after the hero –
Fran: He was a villain actually. He had a mechanical hand, though they only showed that when it blew up because they couldn’t afford the special effects.
AMTVR: Sorry, villain of an obscure British piece of sad space monkey tat. I’m sorry, my lobotomy cannot cope with this. You guys really are the most tedious sad dipshits in the world.
Fran: Ah well, I think you’ll find Arab Strap are more tedious.
AMTVR: That’s it. I’ve had enough. Fuck off out of here.
Fran: But its raining outside.