Now, truth be told, I have no psychic powers. I do not strictly know what song you are listening to on the radio right now, or if indeed you are listening to the radio at all. But if you are, I think we can all agree that not only is it derivative, banal and soporific, but it has been surrounded by tracks equally as free of merit. This is not any old music, this is music which has been graded, judged and playlisted by some faceleess entity – spewed into your day to day schedules by computers who know nothing about art and do not have the hardware to care. These machines use more processing power than was needed to send a man to the moon to determine exactly which track would suit the generic listener at this time of the day. Is it peppy enough for breakfast, is it wind-down enough for drivetime? Is it shit enough for the radio.

I don’t know what you are listening to – but for christ sake – turn it off. And if you are listening to your own music which you have purchased, or downloaded or whatever pitiful life wasting time you devote to so-called aural architecture – that’s just ten times worse. Why pay for torture when you can get it for free?