Motown A&R, sometime in 1978.

Stevie: Hi, Bob. I’ve finally come up with an idea for all-important follow up to my Grammy Award-winning, critically acclaimed, #1 hit album, Songs in the Key of Life.
A&R: Stevie, that’s great! Let’s hear it!
SW: Okay, it’s going to be a concept album to accompany a movie.
A&R: Sounds good so far.
SW: The movie is entitled Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants.
A&R: Mmm-hmmmm.
SW: I honestly don’t know if it’s ever going to be released but I just loved the idea of it so much.
A&R: …Okay. Tell me some more.
SW: Well, it’s going to be a double album.
A&R: Hey, look at the success of Songs. The world is obviously ready for it.
SW: And it’s going to be mostly New Age-ish instrumentals with only two songs with vocals.
A&R: Hmmmm.
SW: Sample titles include, “Venus’ Flytrap and the Bug,” “Ai No, Sono,” “Ecclesiastes,” and “Power Flower.”
A&R: …
SW: So Bob, what do you think?
A&R: Well..
A&R: It sounds like we’ve got another blockbuster on our hands!