OK COMPUTER, surely. Everybody from Q Magazine to Your Flesh gave it fifteen out of ten despite the fact that its a PISS-POOR LOAD OF OLD HORSESHIT. Let’s take as example the following ‘deathless’ lyrics:


My God! The HUMANITY! Or not. The worst thing about this is that students everywhere treat it like the second coming of Christ and EVEN THEY DON’T LIKE IT!! “Oh God, it’s so… good, man!” Yes, but why? “Um… it’s just… powerful… ah…” Go and fill your lungs with the acrid hash smoke you depend on to form your pathetic ‘thoughts’, you Doctor-Seuss-Hatted Assbiters! Pah! Everyone who picks up a guitar immediately learns five songs off of this terrible excuse for a record. Do they learn any Motown? Do they shite! In the more enlightened times that will arrive when the bombs go off and the Ant Men inherit this planet, Radiohead’s OK COMPUTER will be remembered as the one time when they did fool all of the people, all of the time, because all of the people were very ‘deep’ and ‘meaningful’ and had names like Tarquill.