Welcome to the new look Freaky Trigger, which is now 3 sites in a server-shaped trenchcoat.

Popular – my ongoing reviews of UK Number 1 hits, which now has its own dedicated site.

The People’s Pop Polls – arriving from the flaming wreck that is Elon Musk’s Twitter on its own, poll-friendly “vertical”

And Freaky Trigger itself, which remains a place where I (and my friends without blogs to call their own) can write about anything else I want.

On this bit of the site, at least, you probably won’t notice much changing. You should now be able to log in via Twitter and other social media sites. Comments might work a bit differently.

The increased activity on Popular you saw in January and February this year will be back – there’s a new entry up today and you can expect weekly updates there. Once I’m back into the rhythm of entries I have a couple of other Popular-related projects I’m hoping to get into as well.

We have a new poll starting – the open-nomination “Charity Crusher” which will run on through May and June. 

And while this part of the site is currently mostly an archive, I’d anticipate seeing some Patreon exclusive material showing up and also some of the more substantial Goodreads reviews I’ve been doing, mostly of comics.

While the changes in some places LOOK cosmetic, in reality there’s been a huge amount of work done by designer Steve M and site admin Alan to haul Freaky Trigger and Popular into the modern wordpress era and build from scratch a new home for the Pop Poll community. None of this would have even begun to be possible without them – huge, enormous thanks to them both.

THE BLOG ERA IS BACK! Who wants to be in my web ring?