These are the groups for Day 5 of the People’s Pop Poll! Obviously it contains SPOILERS for the day’s matches so if you’d prefer to be surprised read no further! As usual, these are in order from the group with the most-streamed tracks to the one with the least.

Division 1 GROUP 5:

JOHNNY NASH – “I Can See Clearly Now”: Career-defining 1972 hit for the American soul and reggae singer.

PRINCE – “Kiss”: Blockbuster hit from the funk and pop overlord’s 1986 LP Parade, covered by Tom Jones (among others).

SISQO – “The Thong Song”: Global signature hit for the Baltimore R&B singer, from his debut LP Enter The Dragon. 

TLC – “Waterfalls”: Grammy-winning single from the R&B trio’s enormous 1994 CrazySexyCool album.

Division 2 GROUP 5:

BUZZCOCKS – “Ever Fallen In Love”: 1978 hit for the Mancunian punks-turned-new-wavers, probably their most famous tune.

IGGY POP – “Lust For Life”: 1977 Bowie co-write from the leathery rocker’s LP of the same name.

KATE BUSH – “Cloudbusting”: 1985 Wilhelm Reich-themed single from the English pop visionary’s Hounds Of Love.

SUZANNE VEGA – “Luka”: This 1987 single about an abused child remains the folk rocker’s biggest worldwide hit.

Division 3 GROUP 5:

ANNIE – “Heartbeat”: Critically acclaimed dancefloor romance hit for the from-Norway singer.

GIRLS ALOUD – “Call The Shots”: Popjustice £20 Music Prize winning single from the reality show stars’ 2007 Tangled Up.

KYLIE MINOGUE – “Your Disco Needs You”: The lack of a single release for this 2000 stomper from the Australian songstrel prompted protests outside her record company.

LOUISA JOHNSTON – “So Good”: 2016 hit single from the big-voiced 2015 X-Factor winner.

Division 4 GROUP 5:

THE BELOVED – “The Sun Rising”: Sleepy-eyed chillout pop from London indie band who jumped the acid house train.

THE ORB – “Little Fluffy Clouds”: Rickie Lee James-sampling nephophiliac ambient dub hit from the cosmically inclined electronic stoners.

SAINT ETIENNE – “Nothing Can Stop Us”: Optimistic 1991 hit from Croydon’s pop gurus.

THE STREETS – “Weak Become Heroes”: Rave memories explored in the Birmingham rapper’s 2002 single from his Original Pirate Material set.

Division 5 GROUP 5:

NEW ORDER – “1963”: 1987 B-Side for the Factory Records legends which achieved a rare promotion to single status in 1995.

PROPAGANDA – “Dr Mabuse”: Debut 1984 single for the German synth group, based on the 1922 Fritz Lang movie about a demonic criminal.

SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES – “Dazzle”: 1984 hit for the goth icons from their LP Hyaena.

STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE – “Since Yesterday”: Signature song by the polka-dotted Scottish synth-pop duo.

Division 6 GROUP 5:

A GUY CALLED GERALD – “Voodoo Ray”: 1988 acid house classic from the Manchester producer.

GARY CLAIL – “Human Nature”: Socially conscious banger from the On-U Sound System stalwart.

McALMONT – “Unworthy”: Romantic 1994 dreampop from the British soul singer’s early days in indie band Thieves.

SAINT ETIENNE – “Avenue”: 1992 epic single from the pop connoisseurs’ So Tough LP, a reminiscence of a love affair.