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Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 4

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In which tale:

1 Did Kitty Kid masquerade as Ada Mason?

2 Was the Mephistophelian host fixed by a dummy?

3 Did a showing of Not a Sparrow coincide with the running of the St Leger?

4 Was the recognition that two cousins were named Magdala crucial to the solution?

5 Did a sometime German spy masquerade as a Swede who had been killed in a train crash?

6 Did a retired judge confess all in a bottle message found by the Master of the Emma Jane?

7 Was a reading from Plato’s Phaedo recalled in the course of a posthumous exoneration?

8 Was a very dangerous Italian agitator, masquerading as an archaeologist, detained?

9 Did thirteen take revenge for the murder of a toddler?

10 Were there confusing events at 17 Regent Gate?


  1. 1
    enitharmon on 3 Jan 2019 #

    Pretty sure these are all plots of Agatha Christie novels, although without research I’ve only identified

    9. Murder on the Orient Express.

  2. 2
    Mark M on 3 Jan 2019 #

    Having watched both the Malkovich and Suchet versions over Christmas, I’m saying 3 is The ABC Murders.

  3. 3
    flahr on 3 Jan 2019 #

    The ones I recognise off the top of my head are

    2. Cards on the Table
    6. And Then There Were None
    8. I think this is Death on the Nile rather than the one that’s actually about archaeologists, the utterly abysmal Murder in Mesopotamia

  4. 4
    enitharmon on 3 Jan 2019 #

    Ok, after a first pass of research I have

    1. The Mystery of the Blue Train (in which Ada Mason the maid is also a male impersonator, Kitty Kidd, in the music hall)
    3. The ABC Murders
    4. Peril at End House
    6. Ten Little Niggers (other titles are available for the squeamish)
    7. Five Little Pigs
    9. Murder on the Orient Express
    10. Lord Edgware Dies

  5. 5
    enitharmon on 3 Jan 2019 #

    Flahr @ 3: You’re quite right that 8 isn’t Murder in Mesopotamia because 5 is Murder in Mesopotamia. 8 is indeed Death on the Nile; I didn’t think so at first but had forgotten the sub-plot.

  6. 6
    jeff w on 3 Jan 2019 #

    SPOILER level in this round is DEFCON 2. There are even spoilers in the questions! Hopefully posters will be discreet with their answers/explanations.

    All Agatha Christies and I know 2, 6 and 9. I expect others have already posted the answers to these though. Some others ring bells…

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