1 Which entomologist was lost in the Grimpen Mire?

2 Who drowned, aged 29, when his schooner, Don Juan, sank?

3 Who succumbed to the whirlpools of the Seine on June 7 1832?

4 Who fell fatally into a weeping brook from a broken willow branch?

5 Who was seen as a ghost, dripping along in a bathing dress to the Congregational Hall?

6 Whose corpse was preserved in vinegar following a riding accident in an Anatolian river?

7 Who wrote that she had found her grave, where her grave was waiting for her?

8 Who drowned, together with Emily’s cousin, in a storm off Yarmouth?

9 Who is remembered, with her brother, in Dorlcote churchyard?

10 Who drowned, heavily laden, in the River Ouse near Lewes?