Twas the night before xmas and all through the hut, we/the eaters were judging what works in a buttie

flaming-pudding• Bacon is bad not good in this particular context
• Even if cranberry is not your thing, BBQ sauce is probably worse
• Beef! Why not?
• Breads are often a problem: stop trying so hard everyone
• Brie is not the only cheese
• Nevetheless, Brie and truffle mac and cheese!
• Bubble-and-squeak is a useful swerve
• Chestnuts!? Don’t swamp them in a tired slaw…
• Chutney is a happy jam to include in your dinner
• Crispy onions are bearable only as a summer menace
• Falafel is generally a sign you’re just not trying
• Hams are undeniably festive but festively unremarkable
• More stuffing is always better
• Parsnips!
• Pine nuts tend to fall out of nearly anything
• Pistachio for nutty bass notes
• Pomegranate seeds are why we didn’t escape hell that time
• Oh for the Pret Plum Pickle of yesteryear
• Repurposing your routine staples is poor yule praxis
• Ruby port chutney sounds fancy but doesn’t scan as a flavour
• Sage and onion mayo: who knew?
• Certainly salads are sandwiches (as long as they’re good)
• Sausage roll studded with cranberries is kind of a terrible idea, stop it
• The sprouts question has not been answered
• Temperatures are to the point, a granita is not a sandwich (unless it’s grebt)
• Turkey sushi isn’t cutting it
• Wraps rarely work

An editor’s observation: spinach and cranberry are good not bad because the canon wobs colours are green red and white. This decision is final.

Goose! GOOSE!!