I have finally compiled Hazel and my posts about Young Avengers (and matters related) into a series – you should be able to see it there at the side when you open this post.

This post – which I’m writing weeks after Hazel put her final essay up – will end up being the intro to the whole thing. So here’s the intro-ish bit.

In 2013 Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and a lot of other people created a Marvel comic called Young Avengers. It ran 15 issues – they told their story and got out. When it was announced I suggested to Hazel we write something on Freaky Trigger about each issue. She said yes. In the event she wrote loads of amazing pieces and I ended up only doing 5 or so – of course her excellent essays more than covered for my laziness. Anyhow, it’s all here – the gross sobbing, the base speculation, the rickety theorising, the struggles to get pictures to size correctly, the feels, the feels, the feels. Enormous thanks to Hazel who did a fantastic job on these (and to Kieron, Jamie, et al. of course!)