ladybirdI don’t really know who east sky/taktophoto is (or are)*: but his/her/their tumblr republishes sets of images gathered from all over the place (always linked to, generally captioned as per the original, never commented on). The images can be hypercoloured, intricate, abstract, surreal, sexy, ridiculous — sometimes strange wtf artworks, sometimes simply startling photos from nature, hard as this very often is to believe at first glance.

manowar*Research back into their archive tells me this: the site began in 2010, mostly to post asian-flavour porn. After a couple of months, it shut down for more than a year. About a year ago, it restarted — still with a smattering of softcore at first, but this interspersed more and more with what’s now its primary diet, as described above. I genuninely can’t do justice to some of the things he/she/it is finding. I love it.


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