Doctor Who: The Bells Of St John

This one came off as a remix of a few previous companion-intro episodes. Disembodied intelligence and London landmark from Rose, whimsical Doctor and companion-as-kid backstory (well, sort of) from Eleventh Hour, and hardass businesswoman villain plus everyday-menace plot from the Adipose one.

Which was fun, but all a bit odd since Clara’s already been introduced to us twice – for all that this is (maybe) the “real” one. Should we trust her? Do we care? I am more interested in who the mystery woman in the phone shop is. (Please let it be Donna!) (Do we think the return of [OH COME ON WHO DIDN’T GUESS] and [I DOUBT THEIR AGENT PLAYED HARDBALL ON THIS ONE]* are the only Anniversary revenants?)

Has Moffatt done an RTD “Look! A modern thing we take for granted is AN ALIUM?” story before? He didn’t seem particularly enthused by it. I quite like the Great Intelligence as a misnamed recurring villain – there’s a reason he’s not called the Great Imagination though (“What shall I do this time, eh? Take over London… something to do with webs…”)

Actual worst moment: “Doctor Who? Doctor Who?” – just in case you’d forgotten that woeful bit of foreshadowing.

Actual best moment: Motorbiking up the Shard – shades of HELL KICKSTART, earthlets – and another great Doctor-Robot switch.

*The writing was on the wall for Tennant’s return some months ago. Said wall being the London Underground, and said writing the posters for “Nativity 2: Danger In The Manger”