On the “No Limits” thread I was reminded that it’s been almost 20 years since first comedy and then computer games were the new rock’n’roll. Are they still, I wondered? Surely the meme has spread, mutated and diversified since then? BOY WAS I RIGHT.

In the poll below you will see the first-page results of a Google search for “the new rock n roll”, in order. Hats off to the magical SEO monkeys of theosophy! Comedy is still flying the new r’n’r flag, thanks to Jimmy Carr: everything else is testament to the enduring (albeit tongue-in-cheek) pull of one of the great bullshit phrases of the 90s. All you have to do is vote for which of these pretenders is the real thing.

Which of these is actually the new rock n roll?

  • Maps 24%
  • World Sheep Dog Trials 23%
  • Knitting 16%
  • Theosophy 12%
  • Comedy 9%
  • Economics 4%
  • British Poetry 4%
  • Entrepreneurialism 3%
  • Transport 3%
  • Dance 1%

Total Voters: 95

Poll closes: 2 Dec 2011 @ 15:23

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