Get off, dad, we're just having fun!

A traditional financial pit

I’ve long-yearned to write a terrible essay about how the embarassment of Nu Metal changed the face of society. The ways in which the collective falling for Limp Bizkit and Staind by the “credible” areas of music criticism only to rear their heads from the druqs-buckets long enough to be blown apart by the revelation that these baseball-cap-wearing clowns were perhaps not bringing about a revolution filled credibility with a sense of timidity and desire for lineage that ultimately and risibly resulted in a recession that allowed any idiot with a copy of ‘The Three Chord Song Book: Jam Edition’ being allowed 15 minutes of hit records.

Then I think that I should perhaps put the gin down and go to bed. Good news this week, then, when The Financial Times published this quote with regards to the current financial situation:

The situation is akin to the mosh pit at a rock concert, warns regulatory consultant Barbara Matthews. “Everyone shares the same goal amid a frenzy, but any co-ordination that occurs is coincidental, and along the way people can get hurt,” she says. “Folks in a mosh pit have fun until they get hurt. Regulators have fun using their muscle … until something comes back to bite them.”