From the Board of Unnecessary Science-

1) I accidentally ended up listening to ‘Demon Cleaner’ by Kyuss when trying to listen to Kylie and didn’t notice for QUITE SOME TIME

2) Main topics of Kylie: CONTEMPLATING OUR HUMAN NEED FOR CONTACT ie: staring at your hands going ‘but look at my FINGERS, man’

3) Music for or from hot climates (mirage, fractal, repeat)

4) They’ll try to trick you into normal treatment, oh don’t you listen to them say, shush them all away; I am the demon cleaner, madman saver = popular Kylie topic ILLNESS OF THE MIND curable only by CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS eg: I just can’t get you out of my head, boy, it’s more than I dare to think about or I’m coming down with something that can’t be cured, there aint a doctor in this town who is more qualified than you to be so adored*, and things you make me do; like a druqk, like a druqk & etc. ad infinitum.

5) There is a “Kylie sound” so specific it have formed its own genre which fangs rigidly attempt to force their idol to conform to** due to Kylie music being specific to certain temperaments and moments, ie: atmospheric in its spellbinding qualities, using repeated loops and a sense of kinesis, like a lovely great big DRONE.

6) Soulwax agree with me.

7) Kyuss are not drone rock, therefore, SOMETHING MUST BE.

*Also SEKRIT GOTH LYRIC I am ready for the noose so tell me straight, hey doctor just what do you diagnose (there aint a surgeon like you anywhere in all the world so now shall I remove my clothes; tell me what do you prescribe f –sniiip, Overquote Editor) (I once listened to this song on repeat all the way to Aberystwyth and back on the train, ie: for about ten hours and it is still completely amazing)
**NOT I. Body Language and X are both awesome so ner.