Peter Baran and Roger BozackResonance FM 104.4 in London has been airing our breathless coverage of every Pop World Cup match since it started way back in whenever it was, and the last half-hour roundup goes out this Saturday at 16:00. Peter Baran and Roger Bozack will analyze this year’s global pop fandango, and we’ll hear some bonus tracks from Matt DC’s Nigeria, who clearly had more in reserve should their championship match with Andrew Hickey’s Germany have gone into a penalty playoff thingie.

But you don’t have to wait til then to hear it! We’ll be posting up the episode here at some point tomorrow. And if you feel like catching up on the previous episodes, you can do so here, where there’s also a link to subscribe to the podcast.

In the meantime, why not download this 1hr+ mix of Nigerian party tunes? It’s called SUMMER PARTY BLEND and it’s by DJ Ennie Billie-ons.

There’s also an unreal number of Nigerian jams on this constantly updated blog by DJ Wolf. See you on the radio!