Given the demise of glastoweatherwatch and glastofestivalforecast and no obviously googleable replacement by some other person with too much time on their hands, I’ve been having to look myself at the assorted forecasts, to see if we can predict what the forecast for Glastonbury will be!

Dear old metcheck have gone a bit funny this year, I can’t seem to get their events page to work at all, although their 14 day forecast is working OK.

The Weather Forecast says the back end of June will be “fine and settled”. Interesting that the ad in the middle of the page is for numerology, maybe we should just get a reading from them for the forecast…

Netweather (who appear to update their forecasts on an entirely different schedule to everyone else) go for the incredibly anodyne “Rainfall levels are likely to be variable – with many regions close to the average overall. Temperatures are again expected to be close to normal for the time of year.” Mmmmm, averagey…

Hidden away behind the map on BBC Weather is a monthly outlook which says:

The sun is now at its strongest, heating things up quickly given half a chance. But low pressure, taking up residence near our shores, will help suck the warm air up to form big clouds and heavy downpours.

This combination of heat and water causes the atmosphere to become increasingly highly charged with energy; and thunder and lightning are nature’s way of releasing that energy.

Expect interruptions to the first week of Wimbledon!

Whereas the Met Office themselves go for:

The somewhat unsettled theme with sunshine and showers is likely to continue at first, with perhaps a trend towards higher pressure giving drier, brighter and warmer conditions with some sunnier parts perhaps very warm. Southern and western parts may see more in the way of rainfall with the possibility of some thundery weather, whilst northern and eastern regions should remain drier.

I think it’s Pack Yer Wellies time anyway…

Other 14ish day only forecasts:
The Weather Channel
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