Quarter Final number two, and things are rattling on apace. Battling for a coveted semi-final spot here are Chris R’s Korea Republic side who seem to have hit a convincing K-pop stride – or was it a K-pop peak? – and Germany, managed by Andrew F, who have shown real flexibility in style to get here and who (famously) must never be underestimated.

This match closes at midnight on Monday 24th May

GERMANY: 2raumwohnung – “Der Letzte Abend Auf Der Welt (single edit)” The Manager Says: “During this tournament I’ve tried to ring the changes a bit, so it might come as a surprise that this is another recent female-fronted electronic-backing-track track, like my entry last round. However, this round I’m just playing to my team’s strengths against what I suspect will be a tough opponent. Expect something far more unusual for the semis, if we get that far, when I shake up the formation again.”

KOREA REPUBLIC: SHINee – “Ring Ding Dong” The Manager Says: “I’ve only chosen female teams so far in the Pop World Cup, because the boys generally seem to have much less personality (or maybe the girls are just getting better material). This track is an exception. I highly recommend watching the music video, in which several members of SHINee turn up dressed like characters from a latter Final Fantasy. It’s strangely fitting given the single’s winning combination of slick special effects and ludicrous melodrama. I felt like invoking “MY LADAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY” at more than one inappropriate moment during the past week.”

Quarter Final 2: which track do you prefer?[ballot]

  • GERMANY: 2raumwohnung 51%

Total Voters: 57

Poll closes: 24 May 2010 @ 23:59

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Commentary Box Analysis Both sides set up in modern, attacking, out-and-out-pop formations in an entertaining game. The Germans have a neat, attractive and flowing approach which may win them many admirers, and the manager’s enigmatic promise of “something far more unusual” may tempt floating voters. The Koreans, on the other hand, seem to be made of some supershiny alloy, and play at such a tempo you’ve to keep checking how many players they have on the pitch. It’s an amazing performance but in this tournament the goalposts are OUR HEARTS and who knows which way they will beat?

Coming up The third quarter final will be the first all-African affair to arrive this tournament, and it’ll feature two of the strongest sides we’ve seen so far: Ghana take on Nigeria.