I read about Mexicana over on this here cheese blog. and I thought that;

  1. it looked like congealed vomit
  2. it looked disgusting and
  3. I sorta wanted to try it.

And, lo! I stumbled across it today, and shamefully concealed it at the bottom of my shopping basket and so I can confirm that;

  1. it does look like congealed vomit
  2. it is pretty disgusting and
  3. I am slightly regretting trying it

Nyom on TwitpicIts reconstituted nature gives it an insubstantial, lumpy texture, which isn’t improved by the addition of stringy, tasteless slivers of pepper.It tastes of very thin factory cheddar, with a hint of chilli – not good heat, but a subtly throat-irritating sort of thing – and a very unpleasant garlic powder aftertaste that has me wishing for my toothbrush. And most unpleasantly, the mix of white and annatto cheddar colours, and the scattering of pieces of chilli pepper make it look entirely vomity.

My co-worker – who claims an in-depth knowledge of the world of McDonalds – says that it tastes just like McDonalds red salsa sauce. Sadly, I can’t find a picture of this sauce anywhere, and can’t tell if it looks more or less appetising than this cheese.

And after all that, I had totally forgotten that it came in two strengths, and I had thought ‘ooh!’ to the Worlds Hottest Cheddar In The World (™ ), but came away with just the regularly-spicy one, which isn’t very spicy at all.

Erm, anyone want most of a block of it?