Isabel’s South Africa team stormed through Group A, only dropping points once they’d qualified, and even then to the pop might of France. Chris R steered Korea Republic, to second place in Group B despite being early favourites. It’s often said that when teams start strongly they run out of steam, while teams who build their form through the tournament are at their best in the later stages.Who’ll grab the momentum with a quarter-final place on offer?

This match closes at midnight on Monday 3rd May

SOUTH AFRICA: DJ Cleo – “Wene Ng’hamba nawe The Manager Says: “Expect to see a fast-paced, consistent team full of energy and power. Keep your beers within reach for the whole game: you won’t want to miss a second.”

KOREA REPUBLIC: Girls’ Generation – “Gee” The Manager Says: “South Africa’s near-perfect record speaks for itself; they’d be up there with Ghana if they hadn’t been held to a draw by shrewd/plucky France. So I’m throwing in a star who was waiting on the bench: “Gee” is apparently one of the biggest Korean singles ever, and you can see why. Girls’ Generation (aka SNSD) have mastered the K-pop technique of incongruous, chopped-up, random-sounding English choruses.”

Round of 16 Match 2: which track do you prefer? [ballot]

  • KOREA REPUBLIC - Girls' Generation 61%
  • SOUTH AFRICA - DJ Cleo 39%

Total Voters: 72

Poll closes: 3 May 2010 @ 23:58

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Commentary Box Analysis South Africa find their rhythm early and knock the ball about impressively without having many obvious strikers, looking for goals from all over the pitch. Korea come out of the traps looking almost unhealthily lively and are darting everywhere, with shape, hooks and precision. Then the South African manager, out of the blue, brings on an entire front line who storm around massively. The commentary box is up and dancing but we haven’t the faintest idea who’ll win.

Coming up On Thursday, the Round of 16 gives us another high-profile match-up as the USA meet Germany.