Pressure. Seasoned PWC-watchers love to see the way the pressure begins to play on the managers as the tournament progresses. Most of the time, the standard of the music doesn’t suffer, but the managers suffer plenty, spending time second guessing their opponents’ formations and the crowd’s preferences. It seems to be telling on Pete Baran (USA) and Andrew Hickey (Germany) in their various ways, they’re cutting conflicting figures at the press conference, one rather manic, the other apparently dejected…

This match closes at midnight on Wednesday 5th May

USA: Wiz Khalifa – “We’re Done” The Manager Says: “Pleased to be out of the Group Of Death, the USA are not in the business of underestimating a team as unpredictable as Germany. But we have always played our own way in this tournament so it would not behoove us to do any different now, so we call up from our hip-hop ranks Wiz Khalifa. Whilst his smoking escapades may not endear him to the kick drugs out of competitive pop football brigade, his relaxed attitude to the beautiful game I feel may trump a Germany that may be trying too hard. We are certainly sticking to our short track policy. “We’re Done” From his new barbecue friendly mixtape Kush & OJ (hence a slightly sloppy start), and prominently featuring a sample from that most under-rated of Disney TV movies Camp Rock, Khalifa displays the quiet confidence that I hope will see us into the next round. Because We’re not actually Done.”

GERMANY: Wir Sind Helden – “Die Konkurrenz” The Manager Says: “This round’s been the hardest one so far, as I’ve gone past both my own knowledge and my friends now, and had to spend several days digging through every German act on Spotify before I found this one. I never want to hear any metal or German hip-hop again…”

Round of 16 Match 3: which track do you prefer? [ballot]

  • GERMANY - Wir Sind Helden 63%
  • USA - Wiz Khalifa 37%

Total Voters: 52

Poll closes: 5 May 2010 @ 23:59

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Commentary Box Analysis The problem faced by anyone managing the USA team is finding tactics which don’t seem utterly obvious to all, while matching some of the quality we’ve seen in the US domestic leagues. This track shows some nice interplay but it will require a few listens before it’s clear whether it’s fannydangle or a killer pass. Germany, on the other hand, rely very heavily on the horn line they’ve deployed on the wing, but will that be enough?

Coming up We’ll be reaching the halfway point of the Round of 16, as the mighty Ghana take on the differently mighty Slovenia.