Serbia have nothing to play for but pride, but Serbia is a proud nation and manager Tim E is a proud fellow, so their hearts will be on their sleeves. Australia still have a slim chance of qualification – Chris B and his team need to win, and win well, and hope that Germany sink to a defeat by Ghana. Then it’d be down to vote difference…

This match closes at midnight on Wednesday 14th April

SERBIA: Kristali – “Talasi” The Manager Says: “Following the Serbian team’s unfortunate early elimination, I’m allowing some of the fringe players a chance to enjoy the big stage. This is Talasi by Kristali, a rock band formed in 1993. I’ve told the lads to go out and express themselves.”

AUSTRALIA: Belinda Chapple – “Move Together” The Manager Says: “For the final match in the Group Stage, we’re turning to a striker who was dominant at the local level during the 2000s with the all-girl group Bardot. We’re confident Belinda Chapple will match up well against anything Serbia comes at us with. “Move Together”, her collaboration with producer Fat Albert, reveals a formation that plays aggressively for the full 90 minutes. Hopefully it’ll put the ball in the net enough time to move to the next round after a close loss to the very, very tough Ghana team.”

Group D Match 6: Which of these tracks do you prefer? [ballot]


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Commentary Box Analysis There’s something unexpectedly attractive about the Serbian approach here, almost every time it looks like they’re heading in for a crunching tackle they display some deft footwork instead. Australia, with their slim chance of qualification, will be sorry to find themselves up against a Serbian side expressing themselves so freely. That’s not to say that the Aussie song is weak –  it too has its own lightness, and the surprise you can see on the faces in the commentary box is that this has turned out to be one of our favourite matches of the tournament so far.

Coming up Next week we’ll be on to the bottom half of the draw in the pop frenzy which is the end of the group rounds. Denmark take on Japan – both sides sit on one point only but the winner stands a real chance of qualification. It’s ON!