Slovenia have made a lot of friends so far in this tournament but have not secured many points: they need a win to have any chance of progressing. England are developing a reputation for versatility, but that also means that the outcome of their games depends very much on which team turns up on the day. A draw is no good to anyone – we should expect both managers to be throwing the kitchen sink at the opposition.

This match closes at midnight on Tuesday 13th April

ENGLAND: Black The Ripper – “Righteous Freestyle” The Manager Says: “With our recent victory fresh in our minds, the England team is determined to surprise their fans with another genre shift. From bhangra to grime – the manager is enamoured of the deceptively calm stringy background, the blunt, harsh truth in the lyrics, the hard-fast rhyming and all served up in a punchy 2.04. Black the Ripper an exciting striker we’re proud to showcase!”

SLOVENIA: Uroš Umek vs Andja – “Obey” The Manager Says: “Time to unleash the big guns. This Slovenian bosh hero Uroš Umek has been in the game more than 16 years, but is still every bit as talented as on his teenage debut. Guest striker Andja is finally up to full fitness after a terrible Achilles bitrate injury early in the season, all those Inverse Benassi training sessions have clearly paid off. I’ve been humming this track since my first day in the managerial role, Brian!”

Group C Match 5: Which of these tracks do you prefer? [ballot]

  • SLOVENIA - Umek vs. Andja 76%
  • ENGLAND - Black The Ripper 24%

Total Voters: 45

Poll closes: 13 Apr 2010 @ 23:59

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Commentary Box Analysis: The English style of hip-hop is attractive to some but others prefer a slicker and shinier kind of game. How Black the Ripper will match up to the poppiest formation deployed so far by the bosh-and-only-bosh Slovenian manager is not easy to predict. Two very contrasting styles facing up to each other it could go either way.

RESULT! Chile 1 Switzerland 1 A tough game and an enjoyable game. The energetic Chileans had the best of it, scoring early and piling on the pressure. they failed to puncture the resilient Swiss defence again, though, and the Swiss came back in the second half, scoring a sweet goal and then holding on for dear life. “The Chileans have almost too much pep for their own good, zipping the ball around the pitch and playing a simple, direct passing game.” “A corker this is not – both teams have bottled out of a passionate, bravura performance – this match is corked.” “Sens Unik have got a 90s feel to their play (does this count as “old skool” hip hop now?) and yet manage to make it sound totally fresh. The interplay between the players is a joy to behold.” “Love the Gaucho Fire Engines, it’s always great to find two unexpected styles that go together.” “I’m leaning towards the Swiss entry for the background organ as much as hot-footed Solaar.”

Coming up: in no time at all, the match to complete Group C, where Algeria and the US go head to head without knowing what they’ll need. This group remains on a knife-edge.