Group H begins with an intriguing clash between the relatively unfancied Chile and the relatively even more unfancied Honduras. Points on the board important here – both sides have experienced pop managers: Chile has turned to Jel, whereas Honduras have hired veteran gaffer Carsmile Steve.

This match ends at midnight on the 10th March – please listen and vote!

CHILE: Kudai – “Ven” No comment received from manager.

HONDURAS: Banda Blanca – “Chica Disco” The manager says – “Welcome to the wonderful world of Honduran punta rock! Banda Blanca were pretty much the first of the Honduran acts to have big hits (Punta-rock is based on the Garifuna rhythms of the region, so there a lot of Belizian acts as well as Honduran, which has been fun) and seem to have been knocking round for about 20 years. My thinking is going for an enduring formation could help save me from the battering I might be about to face, as the definite minnow of the whole competition.”

Group H Match 1: Which track did you prefer? [ballot]

  • Banda Blanca - Chica Disco 69%
  • Kudai - Ven 31%

Total Voters: 54

Poll closes: 10 Mar 2010 @ 23:59

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Commentary Box Analysis: “Both sides here playing strong, positive football – they know this is a big game for them and they need to make it count. Chile have muscle but not always finesse, Honduras are playing a pretty, uptempo passing game but I wonder about their options in the final third. Could go either way but there are goals in this game.

RESULT! Italy 0 Paraguay 0 Italy’s ruthless defense left no way through for a spirited but deeply limited Paraguay side. By the end of the game fans of both teams seemed resigned to a draw – those remaining in a fast-emptying stadium, that is. “If Italy’s approach results in a win in this game it could revolutionise the world of pop-football. It’s an untried tactic, a formation imported from another sport entirely. Surely it can’t succeed? But it’s up against such formulaic unpleasantness from Paraguay that it may have a chance on the day.” “real metal >>>>>>> silly Eurovision metal” “SPACE FOOTBALL! One side fields giant flesh-eating slugs with a lifespan of millennia, the other side fields metallic-clad strippers out of a Heavy Metal comic. The winner is of course the production designer.”

Coming Up! Our last two teams take the field tomorrow – Spain taking on the Europop 2008 winners Switzerland. And then it’s back to Group A on Monday as South Africa take on Uruguay.