The Portuguese left the pitch after their disappointing first match with a look of steely determination in their eyes. they knew what was coming next, which was that they didn’t know what was coming next: the unpredictability of Korea DPR.

Voting on this match finishes at midnight of Sunday the 4th April.

PORTUGAL: Octa Push– “Baila Mundo” The Manager Says “After a very disappointing result in the first group match, where we displayed some beautiful fieldplay but failed to create enough chances, Portugal needs a win. I’m very confident that Lisbon duo Octa Push has both the technique and the killer instinct necessary to take away any doubts that this side is a serious contender. Both Octa Push members are fit from playing in the English dubstep Premier League, with releases on Soul Jazz and Fabric Records. “Baila Mundo” has a message that no World Cup fan will fail to comprehend, or respond to.”

KOREA DPR: Pyongyang Hardcore Resistance – “Corea – Resistance 3” The Manager Says: “Victorious Greetings from the Hermit Kingdom! Place yourselves now in hurried fealty to ILLING BATTERY from the SULLENLY ALIENATED BOHEMIAN  LOUD YOUNG PETTY BOURGEOISE of the West’s UNWELCOMING TRANSIENT SUBURBS. Furious in exiled isolation, PYONGYANG HARDCORE RESISTANCE recall with violent clamorous yearning the MARCHING VIGOUR of the working peoples of their bitterly lost heartlands. They smite their sorrowful breasts, dreaming of the tender whispering field maidens who spurned them before but will one day forgive. If only, if only, sighs the bitter plains wind. Perhaps! Perhaps! “Corea: Resistance 3″:  let the enfeebled and corrupted “jazz” of the pitiful outer layers learn again its verminous futility: GLORIOUS AS THE MOON, TERRIBLE AS AN ARMY WITH  DPRKWAVE. ”

Commentary Box Analysis: Those watching from the stands and the commentary boxes are ducking for cover to save themselves from the blood and mud flying from the boots of both teams in this game (if it’s still a game – it may be more serious than that).  Uncompromising to the point of brutal, nowhere in this World Cup have we seen such robust tactics. The Portuguese are big and strong, with an excellent farty-noise route-one manouvre – but does their tactic maintain interest for the full ninety?  The Koreans, on the other hand, play with all the erratic verve of their manager, but it’s not exactly for dancers only. And what happens in injury time is beyond punditry

Group G Match 3: Which track do you prefer? [ballot]

  • Portugal: Octa Push 66%
  • Korea DPR: Pyongyang Hardcore Resistance 34%

Total Voters: 91

Poll closes: 4 Apr 2010 @ 23:59

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Result! Group E: The Netherlands 2 Japan 0: In a result which you wouldn’t have predicted from the reactions of the comments-box pundits, the Netherlands ended up well clear in a low-voting game. They are now very close to qualifying for the next round, while the Japanese will be looking nervously at the coming results and matches. They’re not finished yet, though. “High quality and unexpected tactics from both teams – really tough to pick a winner” “Japan’s manager sticking to his guns and continuing to avoid the J-Pop people might have expected… Why force your players into an unfamiliar formation when they’re so good at what they do know?” “The rapper does sound a bit “naff and dorky”, but De Roovere really saves the song. This makes her selection, a Belgian in the Dutch team, the more controversial.” “Japan are playing a very pleasant to watch game here. Dutch rapping just doesn’t do it for me, I’m afraid.” “The more I listen to that [Dutch] track the more I like it, actually. Diggy has been studying his Beatnuts.”

Coming Next: More Group G as we enjoy the slightly rescheduled game between Brazil, widely tipped but pointless after round 1, and the might of the Cote D’Ivoire. A classic surely awaits?