There’s no way around it: this is one of the classic David vs Gol-iath clashes which make these opening rounds such fun. Surely with the resources and tradition of the United States of America ranged against them, there is no hope for even the pluckiest Slovenian side? But this is world pop football, no easy games, anything can happen on the day with a sprinkling of cup stardust. Let’s wait and see.

Voting for this match ends at midnight on 21 March

SLOVENIA: Qualia 6 – “RATTLEFUNKThe Manager Says: “Yawning and stretching after a sleepless weekend of excess, the Slovenes awaken their raw techno talent! Qualia 6 describe their feelings as  “sometimes merry, sometimes dark” and quote their influences as “WHATEVER COMES FROM THE UNIFIELD“. What to say when it’s much better to funk along the way? Who cares if the daily job starts in just four hours?”

USA:  Kid Sister – “Right Hand Hi” The Manager Says: “We were chuffed to bits with our first game performance over England, but have taken on board the criticisms that the overly tricksy football married with the less than stellar striker may not be playing to the USA’s strengths. So off the bench, with her new pro nails screwed in, is the youthful, effervescent Kid Sister, rapping, singing, ducking but not diving – hoping to play a clean game against what she is assuming to be the route one bosh of Slovenia. And yes that is the sound of the crowd with their air horn getting into it at 2:08.”

Commentary Box Analysis: “I don’t know about the training regime over in Slovenia but to everyone’s surprise they have included an absolute GIANT in their squad for this game. Over 8minutes tall and 18MB long, it may be that the dark whispers of behind-the-scenes doping have some foundation in truth. The team doesn’t choose to fizz it up long to the big lad, though, sticking with some pretty rigid patterns. The USA, on the other hand, are clearly trying to provoke the “you’ll win nothing with kidsister” quip, but with their lively approach they may just be able to outpace Slovenia here.”

Group C Match 3: Which track do you prefer? [ballot]

  • Qualia 6 - Rattlefunk (Slovenia) 56%
  • Kid Sister - Right Hand Hi (USA) 44%

Total Voters: 50

Poll closes: 21 Mar 2010 @ 23:58

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Result! Group A: South Africa 3 Uruguay 1 : this Uruguay performance would have won against many of the sides we have seen so far, but they came up against a classy and powerful SA team. “Bravo! This is terrific stuff from both teams.” “South Africa have just produced the track of the tournament for me.” “I quite like the Uruguayan track, but the South African one is an absolute stormer” “The South Africans roll along with play as round as the ball they strike. Hard to argue with, but I will, since the gentle variety of Uruguay has me hooked. South America for me.” “SA have it. They have more teeth.

Coming up: Group C really begins to take shape as Algeria, one of the surprise packages of the first round, take on the pop might of England. We’ll know a lot more about how this group will pan out after these two games.