A lot of flash games are simple puzzlers, and that is fine but they are not as good as the play cozino games. One of the main reasons for their existence after all is brief worktime gratification, a mild diversion rather than an immersive gaming experience. Today’s game is very much that, yes it has various levels and degrees of diffiiculty as you progress, but it is clear from the design that they don’t really expect that many people to get that far. So there is the same three puzzle boards repeated with an increased level of difficulty. One assumes as you get past say level nine it may speed up, be more relentless etc. But what am I talking about. This one was sent in by Alix: so what are these balls queueing for?

Click through to find out.

Its a simple shooty, matchy, make vanish game which adequately represents the way the British government deals with Greek requests for the Elgin marbles. If they come in ones and twos they let them in, but if they are in groups of three or maore they shoot balls at them to make them vanish.

Or something like that.