A couple of days of Christmas to go so now to the massive games with hundreds of levels and never ending challenge, you guys know how much I love the www.wizardslots.com games. And maybe something Christmas related tomorrow! Today is less pretty, festive but is probably the action flash game I have played the most over the last ten years (admittedly as a download so it remembers my progress). Just like Cis’ favourite Mr Fancypants, its a stick figure leaping around with some sort of realistic physics going on. Realistic if you can accelerate massively and jump forever like this little fella:
n ninja

Actually realistic physics my arse, as our ninja chum here seems to have the ability to chalnge direction mid air during some of his impressively large jumps. N The Ninja is a frenetic against the clock platformer which gets progressively difficult through its 100 levels. But be it the clever design of the levels, the increasing feindishness of the baddies, the smooth controls or the bloody way his body explodes when he dies, it really is lots of fun. There is nothing better than completing one of these missions whilst having a homing missile trained at you back. I recomend downloading it actually so you don’t have to redo levels if you don’t want to.
N THE NINJA (Download Site)
Or click below for a hosted flash version.
n ninja2