One assumes that with the London Evening Standard going free next week, the days of its lighter (liter) sibling the London Lite are numbered. Which means the days of the toughest puzzle in London are numbered. That’s right, we’ll be losing the Spot The Difference.

(For reference the five differences are always: Hemline, extra strap on shoe, bigger bag, alteration to a pattern and a missing piece of jewellery*.)

Anyway for big fans of this feature I have one for you for the up coming film Couples Retreat. Here is the US Poster.

And here is the UK poster.

Yes there are differences about position, framing and overall design, but the idea remains the same. Except, hmm, there appears to be a couple missing. The AV Club noticed that in the original poster the black couple were, well, hard to see. But not as hard to see as in the UK poster…

Also note, for Hollywood age rules that the gender balance by age in the above couples go like this
M – F
40 – 29
41 – 25
39 – 31
43 – 44

Can you guess which couple is which?

*Actually recently its changed the rules. It used to be that all the differences were always to the clothing or the person, now they occasionally alter the background subtly you change the MOBO sign to MUBO or something.