Talking about Land Of The Lost below I suggest that no-one was clamouring for a film remake. Well, to take that a step further I started to think about all the time filling but not very good series and cartoons I saw as a kid, and wondered if they too would be dragged out of retirement for a new generation of bemused kids and man-children. Whilst I could certainly see the French computer animation chaps behind The Magic Roundabout buffing up Wattou Wattou, its safe to say that the cheap bought in animation blocks on ITV were the bottom of the list. But hey, our poorly dubbed Eurotoon may well be a Norwegian animation classic.

And then I came across this.

That’s right. The live action Vicky The Viking.

Now there are two things I remember about this Norse Saga (where the word is used more in the way of a Saga holiday than an exciting Viking adventure). Firstly it had an impressive theme tune which made it seem much more exciting than it actually was (“Hey Hey Vicky, Hey Vicky Hey”). A proto Eurovision winner if ever there was such a thing in Viking times. But the main point of note was that no matter how much i watched it, I could never work out what sex Vicky was supposed to be.

After all Vicky was a girls name, and Vicky had longish ginger hair. But then all his Viking friends had long hair. Vicky belong to the cartoon species of clever and precocious kids who solve with ingenuity their dumb parents problems, along with Penny (and Brain) from Inspector Gadget. But nothing in Vicky’s voice can be determined for either sex. So imagine my excitement when I discovered this Spanish trailer. I would finally discover if Vicky was male or female.

Watch it. See if you can tell. Cos I sure as hell am still in the dark.

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