Well, here it is – my essay on the “Decade in Pop” for Pitchfork. The last time I read it through, which was also about the 50th time, I thought it was pretty good, but I’ve lost all distance.

The angle I took was to write it for people who are already open to the idea of pop being good – not necessarily wedded, but not the kind of dudes who go mental at the idea of “Ignition (Remix)” placing higher on a list than a Decemberists record.

I’ve made a Spotify Playlist which tells the same story, though in more chronological order. As always with Spotify, a few annoying omissions, but most of it’s there.

Thanks to everyone who I consulted on this, often via the medium of cryptic Twitter questions. Special thanks to @girlboymusic aka Erika for helping crystalise the idea of ‘transparency’ I’d been groping towards, and to Redcommieapples on LiveJournal for giving the piece its REAL SECRET TITLE (as seen above).