Easy easy ice cream.

The Demand: Ginger Chilli Ice Cream
The solution: Add some chilli to some Ginger Ice Cream to make:
Pete’s Three Chilli And Ginger Ice Cream
Ideal on a hot sunny day because
a) Its ice cream, it cools you down
b) It has chilli’s in, so every now an then you get an intense mouth burning hit which goes away almost instantly due to the cool dairy ice cream.

So to make:
600ml Double Cream
200 ml Full Fat Milk
100g Icing Sugar
Seven balls of stem ginger and 5 tablespoons of the syrup
Two dried chilli’s
One Birds Eye Chilli (One for garnish)

Crush the dried chilli, deseed and finely slice the birds eye. If you can keep it in rings it will look better. Add one crushed dried chilli to the cream and whip until slightly thick (nowhere near soft peaks). Add the milk, icing sugar and the ginger syrup. Whippy whippy whippy until well stirred. Then bung in the ice cream maker. Churny churn churn churn whilst chopping up the stem ginger v.v. small. After the ice cream has churned and started freezing for about half an hour you can drop in the bits of ginger and the rest of the chilli’s. Churn a bit more then decant into your bowl. For best results smooth the top with the back of a spoon and then pop the extra chilli in the middle to make it look awesome.

Freeze for three hours at least, and get out fifteen minutes before serving to soften up.