And so its BRITAIN’S GRAND CANYON WATCH, with a new contender throwing his deep and awesome hat into the ring. Because London already has a Grand Canyone of course, which I always assumed would double nicely as BRITAIN’S GRAND CANYON. But no, apparently Deptford (and its curiously bloody sewage) has a rival in County Durham – the only English county so insecure it needs the word COUNTY in its name.

Marvel at the terrifying landscaping power of WATER, the damp destroyed. Thrill at the way it has gouged MUD (that notoriously stubborn substance) out of the local landscape. And boggle at the way the locals in the piece really think they can compare a ten foot deep trench to
a) a deep ravine
b) Niagara Falls
c) the Grand Canyon.

See for yourselves. Prepare to be underwhelmed. Unless you are a geography teacher, in which case, here’s a lesson plan for you. Indeed if you are a Maths techer you could compare the amount of space int he Grand Canyon to the amount of space in this considerably less grand canyon. English teachers, why not use it for a lesson about hyperbole. The list goes on…

(Thanks to Rob for the Deptford Canyon poster)