We are not usually in the business of baiting the Daily Mail, but clearly everyone who works there are on holiday and someone has turned on the Daily Mail story generator today. For as Starry of this parish just tweeted, this item about Christopher Hart vs Lars Von Trier’s film Antichrist has it all: WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR A FILM TO GET BANNED THESE DAYS? A few select quotes for you:

“As censors approve a movie that plumbs grotesque new depths of sexual explicitness and violence, one critic (who prides himself on being broad-minded) despairs…”

You do not need to see Lars von Trier’s Antichrist (which is released later this week) to know how revolting it is. I haven’t seen it myself, nor shall I – and I speak as a broad-minded arts critic, strongly libertarian in tendency. But merely reading about Antichrist is stomach-turning, and enough to form a judgment.

It doesn’t shock or surprise me in the slightest that Europe now produces such pieces of sick, pretentious trash, fully confirming our jihadist enemies’ view of us as a society in the last stages of corruption and decay.

Feel free to exceprt your quotes from this “could have been written any time in the last thirty years” article. I like the appeal to Shakespeare, and the Hemingway quote.