It is unclear who the lead character is in Terminator Salvation. Is it Christian Bale’s grumpy John Connor, older, but less wise than when he was a kid in Terminator 2? Or is it death row inmate, and outpatient, Marcus who equally scowls his way through this post apocalyptic nightmare of a film (the film is the nightmare)? Or is it Skynet, aka Helena Bonham Carter who has one hairbrained scheme after enough to kill John Connor resembles the planning work of a Dick Dastardly (with Arnie as his Muttley)? Or is the real star the missing colon in the title? Terminator: Salvation, makes sense as a title, while Terminator Salvation would only make sense if it is the terminators who are gaining the salvation here. You would need to do some significant plot shifting to consider that to be the case with the end of this film where it appears no-one really gets any salvation at all. Lots of humans die, lots of Skynet is destroyed. War continues, nothing much happens and post-apocalyptic humankind is able to do complex heart surgery with no sterile operating theatres and not much in the way of training (their head doctor is a vet). It is a mess with massive plot holes and only just a couple of OK action sequences. And yet the thing that concerns me the most is not the slow death of an OK franchise, but rather a missing colon. That colon bugs me.

(As does the question if there is a considerable difference between Salvation in English and Redemption in French – as per the Canadian poster?)