This lacklustre ad for a festival (via Popjustice Twitter) for some reason reminds me of nothing less than how Trad Jazz bands used to advertise their niche wares in the late seventies. Much like much of the worst excesses of CAMRA, the affair seems there to celebrate an inbred scene which can only define itself against what it doesn’t like. In this case what it doesn’t like appears to be cheerleaders and fireworks.

Well, I don’t know about your festival going experience, but I can’t say I recall seeing that many cheerleaders at festivals. Perhaps in the 1982 Glastonbury headlined by Toni Basil, but not since. AND WHO HATES FIREWORKS. Only King Funhater III The Miserable, King Of Funhatingdonia in the continent of IHATEFUNOPA, that’s who. And that bloke who was blinded in the Public Safety Announcement by the rocket in the milk-bottle, who has probably emigrated to Funhatingdonia already for their No Fireworks policy. Not Oxfordshire.

Further investigation seems to suggest that this is ALL ABOUT THE GUITAR, whilst clearly being musically diverse. Look at this line-up. The Holloways. Starsailor. And a big name to be announced
b) The Pigeon Detectives if you click the link.
And I suppose compared to Starsailor, The Pigeon Detectives are a big name. A whole nine letters more!

So all that, and you get the chance to win an indie guitar (Note, indie guitar can only be used to play indie music. It will self destruct if you try to play pop or metal on it). What are you waiting for?