Hello, my query is this. Lately I have been doing a lot of cooking using no additional oil or fat in the pan apart from the skin of the meat I’m choosing. The obvious question = why is this a new and exciting thing to me, given it’s bleeding obvious? The second thing is = omg!! The opportunities for dripping!!

Therein lies the question. So far I have a little clay dish with some chicken fat in it (which has been in my fridge since 12 Feb 2009) and RIGHT NOW I am cooking a duck. The duck is cooked skin side down on the lowest heat EVER for 15 mins, and then I will be left with even more fat to store: hurrah!!

QUESTIONS: 1. Will anything go badly wrong if I just pour the duck fat on top of the existing chicken fat?
2. How long can you store dripping for anyway? I have a vague memory of a tub of dripping living in the fridge when I was very small, I was kind of fascinated by it and it never seemed to get used..
3. Is the theory that you just continually keep topping up dripping with fat from yr meat something I have IMAGINED?
4. Is my quest for dripping gonna kill me somehow?


If you could answer me within the next hour that wd be grebt as my duck is cooking RIGHT NOW and soon I will add the CABBAGE.

I am making simmered duck with cabbage and potato btw. Just in case you were interested. Oh come on, it’s better than the Goombay Dance Band, isn’t it. OR IS IT (yes).