popular-clippingYes, yes – we’ve been mentioned in the Guardian, the Independent and FHM(!), but you know you’ve actually made it when you are mentioned in the real actual PAPER OF RECORD. No not the Times, (actually I think we have already been mentioned in there too), who uses that Murdoch rag as the paper of record any more? That’s right, there was a short article on Popular in this morning Metro. On their “web and weird stuff” page The Ridiculant, just below the five days old late story on Christian Bale’s sweary rant. What do you mean you missed it. Something better to do on the bus? I tell you this’ll be a clipping for the ages.

Of course I had something better to do on the bus so – as you can tell – this clipping is from the electronic version of the Metro.

Who knew there was an electronic edition? Certainly if I miss my fix of made up celebrity gossip*, reheated News At Ten and Nemi / This Life in the morning I now know I can get it online here. It does however beg the question: they may suggest Tom is a tad obsessive for this project. But what is more worthwhile? Reviewing every UK number one, or ARCHIVING EVERY ELECTRONIC EDITION OF METRO EVER?

*How is The Green Room still going? Actually is the Green Room still going? I haven’t read a proper copy of Metro for years as my bus doesn’t start at a tube stop. Its very sad.