OK, its not exactly teh same thing, but running out of beer at a beer festival is almost as shocking. True, the South West London CAMRA dudes can probably be more than chuffed at how successful this year Battersea Beer Festival at the backside of the Battersea Arts Centre (the BACside if you will). A packed friendly crowd, excellent Polish food and the always lovely surroundings of an old school London town hall now going begging (the chandeliers were no longer there). And certainly running out of beer is a proof of popularity. Why I remember at the Pigs Ear beer festival in 2007 when they almost ran out at 9.30 being quite exciting. But running out at 7.30 on a Friday night WHILE YOU ARE STILL CHARGING PEOPLE THREE POUND ENTRY is unforgivable. I had the second from last pint* of ale, a tasty mild, from the entire festival and witness fresh faced new punters eagerly trotting in with their freshly cleaned glasses. Yes they could get some Bigos, a few of the bottled European beers were still left and there might have been some stinky cider downstairs. But no beer at a beer festival? For shame CAMRA, for shame.

*Half pint actually, I was not greedy.