And so Walkers search for a “new” flavour has boiled down to six “new” flavours of which at least three would be familiar to snackers in some form or other. There have definitely been Fish and Chips flavoured crisps before and I am sure some of the posher snacks have tip-toed down the route of Crispy Duck (though perhaps without the emphasis on Hoi Sin Sauce). Builders breakfast, whilst intriguing, one assumes will be an amalgam of smoky bacon, beans, tomato ketchup and sausage crisps. Whether they will aim at individual “builders” crisps having different flavours is unclear and unlikely. What marks out a builders crisps from a Great British Breakfast I don’t know, but i know they are missing a trick without Kedgeree flavoured crisps.

But this leaves three other flavours with a degree of novelty to them. Onion Bhaji crisps are odd, because they are a fried snack flavoured to resemble – er – another fried snack. But it will be distinctive at least. Chocolate and chilli is possible the boldest of these flavours, one assumes aiming at the hotter end of the dark chocolate medley, retaining a degree of savouriness. I wonder how salty they will be too. However the big controversy will be over the Cajun Squirrel flavour, which manages to both appall fluffy creature lovers and be a little, how you say, patronising to our Cajun brethren. As intrepid squirrel noshers ourselves (here and here) we are pro this development, though wonder how much squirrel will make it through the Cajun spices. But rest assured for all you Tufty fans, if the squirrel is Cajun, then its almost certainly a grey squirrel, so all you squirrel racists can feel safe in munching.

Anyway you can see more and vote here, where the various crisps representatives don’t pander to any crude stereotypes AT ALL. It also appears that Gary Lineker’s Ears are the biggest pimped flavour here. HMMM CARTILIGENOUS!

EXTRA: I voted, as is my way, for squirrell taste untasted, and received a confirmation e-mail stating the following:

We’d just like to let you know that next time you vote, we won’t be sending you a confirmation email. This isn’t because we don’t appreciate your vote, but simply because we don’t want to clog up your inbox.

Remember, there are lots of different ways to vote and you can use each method once per day. You can vote by:

Mobile WAP

I hope this is some sort of attempt to increase interest in voting to boost the turnout in the next election. I for one will be voting for Gordon Brown Sauce.