I will get back to liveblogging the Pitchfork 500 very soon, but in the meantime a SPARE COPY of this excellent tome has come into my possession. If you want a chance of winning it, you can enter Freaky Trigger’s first ever* PRIZE COMPETITION**.

What do you have to do? Well, as you probably know by now the book in question contains short – 200 words or so – pieces on what the Pitchfork editorial crew consider to be the best 500 songs of the last 30 years.

So the competition is simply to write another piece in this format*** and send it to me at freakytrigger@gmail.com. The competition will be judged on the persuasiveness of the entry, taking into account the amount a reasonable judge (i.e. me) might NEED to be persuaded. In other words, given an entry that fully persuades me that Britney Spears’ “Piece Of Me” is one of the best 500 songs of the last etc etc and an entry that makes a fair stab at doing the same for “Dancing In The Moonlight” by Toploader, I will choose the latter. The winning entry***, and probably a few others, will be published here, or perhaps witheld to replace recalcitrant entries in the Top 100 Songs Of All Time.

*that I can remember
**NB this competition is not licensed by Pitchforkmedia.com or the publishers or anything like that: it’s just because I’ve got a spare copy. Other prizes might be thrown in but they won’t necessarily be very good.
***it doesn’t have to be “in the style of Pitchfork” or anything silly like that. Just throw something together, don’t waste too much time on it!
****to be announced after the closing date, which is erm lets say THE END OF JANUARY!