This post is simply a way of getting all my Pitchfork columns linked to in one place so I can put it on the sidebar.

Poptimist #1: Music Hall, the Beatles, the power of the crowd.
Poptimist #2: Spoilers in music, MP3 blogs, the delights of conversation.
Poptimist #3: Thrill-Power Overload! 2000AD at 30.
Poptimist #4: What I like in music writing (Eshun, McDonald, Sinker, Kogan, Robinson)
Poptimist #5: ABBA – the story of a band that grew up.
Poptimist #6: Are The Smiths funny? How Big Facts come to control bands’ stories.
Poptimist #7: How to get rid of your record collection and what to do next.
Poptimist #9: Good taste and the slow death of British pop music.
Poptimist #10: In which Britney Spears makes the best album of the last five years.
Poptimist #11: Use other tests please.
Poptimist #12: Of Pop and Polls and Peel!
Poptimist #13: Marketing is nothing to be scared of.
Poptimist #14: The moment before punk: experiments in antediluvian archaeology.
Poptimist #15: A life in favourite albums.
Poptimist #16: Speculation vs Annotation, Final Crisis vs Secret Invasion
Poptimist #17: What might a history of pop be like?
Poptimist #18: 45 Things I Love About Pop
Poptimist #19: Triangulation, drug of the nation.
Poptimist #20: The incomplete story of robots in pop.