On two separate news reports last night I saw it mentioned that – if the Facebook campaign to get Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” to No.1 is a success (or a near-miss) – this week we might see the first instance of the same song being No.1 and No.2 in two different versions. This would be historic, said a dude from HMV.

Except, as all Popular readers doubtless know, the claim is COBBLERS.

This feat has been achieved at least once before, in 1967, when Petula Clark’s version of “This Is My Song” kept Harry Secombe’s reading off the top. You’d be forgiven for forgetting this, Mr HMV buyer, as both are godawful. Interestingly, researches suggest that a similar campaign to the Facebook one raged in 1967 in the letters pages of Disc And Music Echo, with the following excerpts from missives received:

“Help keep this manufactured crap off No.1 GO HARRY GO”

“Secombe is a legend m8 his versh cant be betered buy it and keep this no talent bird out the charts”

“In 31 years time who will remember this so called cover NOBODY THATS WHO Harry FTW.”

Ploo sa chawnge, eh readers!