So Hasbro have tapped up Ridley Scott to make a film based on Monopoly. Ridley has responded by saying it will most closely resemble Blade Runner, a futuristic city scape where giant ships, cars and scottie dogs speed around snapping up property. Though trying to transpose some of the rule of Monopoly will give the film a very idiosyncratic feel. For example there isn’t much of a survey done before buying property in monopoly, let alone a HIP. Generally you land on something and you buy it sight unseen. So expect to see a cruise ship with ADD snapping up property wherever they may be. More intriguingly is the way rental works in Monopoly. You pop down Old Kent Road, and though you may be there for all of twenty seconds you owe someone rent. I can see how that could be built into a futuristic sci-fi untra-capitalistic satire of corporate land ownership. I can also see how it could be parlayed into a steaming pile of toss. Starring Russell Crowe of course.

Other films mooted is a version Battleships (could be tense – expecial electronic battleships when the battery has run out). And Michael Bay appears to be playing with a Ouija Board. Which is not a game I have ever played, unles sthey mean DABBLING WITH THE UNDEAD! Which is much how Michael Bay sees actors so yes!

(Not the first time I have blogged about this trend either. See me on Downfall! And cheating at games in general.)