1. My contribution to Da Capo Best Music Writing 2008 (actually you can read this, since it’s one of my Pitchfork Poptimist columns from last year. But to maintain a figleaf of commercial appeal I am not saying which!).

2. My dozen contributions to The Pitchfork 500, the 500 greatest tracks of the last 30 years. I am excited about reading the rest of this too! I am pretty sure I am not allowed to say which tracks I wrote about, but they include 2 from 1980, 1 from 1982, 1 from 1986, 4 from 1990, 1 from 1993, 1 from 1995, 1 from 1999 and 1 from 2001.

3. My next Popular entry – sorry everyone. But in an eerie coincidence ALL THREE of these upcoming things are… linked!

That’s enough hype!