GASP! FEAR! London has been attacked by ALIEN INSECTS. Just like the ones in Starship Troopers, these MYSTERY BUGS have tried to infiltrate and destroy planes. When interrogated by Dr Horrible, or other staff at the Natural History Museum, the bugs just shrug and PLAY DUMB. But what are these mystery deadly bugs* and what is their agenda?

It is remarkable that these insect have no match in the 28 million species horded in the British Museum** (Natural History Kensington), but the bug itself does look a bit unimpressive. And rather than being a case of a wholly new species, have the museum staff considered the more likely scenario. Namely that in the sixties, in some sort of hair brained caper, Derek Nimmo convinces Helen Hayes and Joan Simm (and her tiny chin) to steal the insect which he had hidden a particularly micro-microfilm in. Surely people remember the chase through London on a double decker bus pursuing a lorry which has a tiny insect poking prominently out of the back. Much mor elikely than a minor mutation of a red insect no-one noticing this relatively insignificant creature in the first place.

*Deadly if you are a plane tree.

**More proof that Noah’s Ark was a bit of a push space-wise.