al-booksigning.JPGFoistered on an unsuspecting public like an epidemic of ebola, an occasional writer of this parish has hit the BIG TIME. Al Ewing has written a book which has been considered to be so awesome that the UK’s Flagship Sc-Fi, Fantasy, Comics and bizarre Vinyl Statue store* Forbidden Planet is having him in to sign it. The book is called “I, Zombie” – which one assumes is a taboo busting piece of erotic fiction doing for the 21st Century what Lady Chatterley’s Lover did for the 20th (ie upset a lot of people). Clearly having your name emblazoned in the window and on a sandwich board outside such a store is the definition of having MADE IT!

The novel is described thusly: “A pulse-pounding mix of horror, private-eye story and science-fiction adventure. John Doe, who’s been dead for 10 years, will kill, steal, save a life – he’ll do anything if the price is right. He can solve any mystery until he stumbles on this one: the hollow-eyed boxer, Morse, and strange, strange Mr Smith with his head full of the future. They uncovered John Doe’s secret and now John’s the only person who can stop the end of all life on this planet.”**

Anyone who knows Al, will only be hearing that read in one deep voice. So go along and support your local pulp writer, and hey why not print off, and bind your own copy of the Ultimate Future Shock for him to sign too. Or read his upcoming Judge Dredd story in 2000AD. Is there no stopping that which is unstoppable?

*If you want a life sized anime version of Princess Leia, its the place to go!

**You can buy it on Amazon here, but I wouldn’t because it won’t be signed and they seem to think it is written by two authors Ewing and Al!