(This post contains spoilers for SECRET INVASION#1, but not the spoilers about who is or isn’t a SKRULL, just general ones about the tone of the comic)

Listeners to Lollards will be aware that the nefarious shapechanging alium Skrulls are invading the pages of Marvel Comics, in a series called SECRET INVASION, which actually started this week and goes on sale in UK comics shops today! Is it any good?

Yes! It is pretty good! Here’s why!

1. It should probably have been called OBVIOUS INVASION since it includes a big space station designed to defend Earth against aliens being BLOWN UP and then a HUGE BIG ARMADA appearing.

2. The Armada is a really nice touch actually – the Skrulls’ homeworld got eaten by Galactus aaaaages ago and their empire decimated a year or two back, so their invasion force is a ragtag of different crafts, D-Day style “little ships” and big space cruisers. Some of them have big sharky FACES painted on!

3. In their original appearance, the Skrulls were notoriously driven off by being faked out by old comics. Their plan to confuse Earth’s heroes in this issue appears to work on exactly the same principle!

4. There is a dodgy political subtext in that the Skrulls are religiously motivated fanatics who believe that Earth has always been part of their homeland. Where could all this be going!!

5. The reveals of who is or isn’t a Skrull all pretty much make sense so far.

In conclusion: go Skrulls go!