Two this week as last weeks as missed out as I wasn’t here (well I wasn’t on FT much, I was at work). And since we went from terrible late doors Tommy and Tuppence, lets try an old edition of one of their first outings – a short story collection no less called Partners In Crime. I believe there was a whole series of eighties TV T&T adaptations which used that title which you can stumble upon ITV3 every now and then.

Everything about this US 1929 dust jacket exudes class. If you saw this in a bookshop wouldn’t you want to get yr grubby little mix on it. Romance, dancer and a frivolity which I rarely associate with Christie. That said Tuppence is the closest to a PG Wodehouse character I can think of in Agatha, and the romance aspect of T&T’s relationship is depicted well on this cover. Apparently this is a short story collection of parodies of other detective fiction of the day!

More in depth discussion of this short story collection can be found here at the Mystery File website, also where I nicked the cover from.