So we move into month two, with whatever a hastily cobbled together google search can find me. And can we spell the word Austerity (ans. yes, after a quick spellcheck). There is something awesomely dull about this Christie cover for Postern Of Fate, in the same way there is something awesomely dull about the phrase “Postern of Fate”.

Dull in colours perhaps, but not dull in composition. One of the scariest things I ever came across as a cosseted suburban child was the wild flaring nostrils of a horse in a local farm. Horses on TV seem so tame, even the wild stallions* who starred in Black Beauty and Champion the Wonder Horse. Ambulatory devices at best, even when they were stars they seemed like just modes of transport, cowboy cars. So when I ended up in the farm field with some fearless bigger boys, I was shocked to see the true madness in a horses eyes, and these flaming, flaring nostrils.

Shetland Ponies eh?

I believe this might be a Marple, correspondents will I am sure correct me. But the key question is, does this cover make you want to buy this book. Initially no, would be my gut reaction, it looks old, it looks a bit scary but it also is muted and grey. But the details reveal themselves (the repeated magnified little girl / doll in the background). I’m guessing seventies by the minor hyperbole on the strap line, but again willing to be enlightened.